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Profit & Loss in Foreign Exchange

I'd like to invite you to reconsider the role that Foreign Currency Exchange plays in your business. In Foreign Exchange, it's commonly believed that haggling, or shopping for a lower rate is the only way to save your company money.

You couldn't get further from the truth if you asked a politician.

A bank's markup/profit is identifiable, and easy to fix. The real profit-killer is currency fluctuation, and it's cost to your company is non-negotiable.

Every currency fluctuates every second -- up, down or sideways. These movements compound either against you or in your favor any given hour, day, week, month, etc.. The World Economy is gigantic; trading over 60 billion dollars every second. Moving at the whim of large buys/sells, reports released by Central Banks around the world, and even due to civil unrest or military actions.

With proper knowledge, planning and risk management techniques, your exposure to profit-loss from fluctuations can be mitigated and profits can finally be maximized.

Which is where we come in.

We offer decades of experience and knowledge, with the flexibility of a small business that's necessary to provide our partners with easy, and effective profit-making solutions catered to their business.

In addition, our low overhead, long standing financial relationships, and volume of business enables us to offer pricing that's consistently lower than what you're likely used to.

So, I'd like to invite you to have a real conversation with us. Let's find out how and what you can do to maximize your businesses profits and manage your risk.

In fact, when you schedule a meeting with us, I'm so confident in our ability to assist you in maximizing your profits, I will write a $100 check to your preferred charity if you feel we've wasted your time.

Jade Sullivan
CEO & Head Trader


General Information

Who is Access Trading?

Access Trading is a boutique firm dealing in Foreign Exchange Risk Management and Cost Control Systems.

Is my money safe with Access Trading?

Access Trading is a fully licensed and bonded MSB. We are licensed and bonded with the Washington State DFI. We are registered with the US Dept of Treasury.

Who uses Access Trading?

We are a boutique firm that specializes is helping clients customize and optimize their entire international payment and risk management process. Everyone needs a fortune 500 type of currency management service that is tailor made to their needs and is specifically designed to manage and mitigate currency risk, control the cost of goods, streamline your payment process and achieve better rates of exchange. Our client base is primarily made up of corporate and business accounts, but we do make exception for High Net Worth individuals that need help managing currency risk on real property, as well.

Why is Access Trading better than a bank or a traditional Foreign Exchange broker?

Most providers are solely focused on 'quoting you a rate.' Why do they want to do this? The underlying reason is to see if they can make your current provider look bad, by making it seem they're overcharging you. Banks often charge exorbitant fees to process international money transfers, in addition to levying extremely large spreads. The hidden reason is to keep control of the process of sending payments. The party that controls the process controls the profit!

How can Access Trading save you money?

We are 180 degrees from a traditional forex firm.

We created a white paper to show you all of the dubious tricks and tactics traders use to make you a cash cow.

We have a five part email intro series on what to look out for and how overview of ethos of ATI and what we are doing to pull back the curtain and show you what you should expect from a firm.

We offer all prospective clients the ability to get an audit of your current process and receive complete overview of findings including actual cost of currency purchases, risk of currency exposure and even solutions and action items to implement... all for free.

We quote all of our clients in a transparent manner.

Setting up an Account

How does Access Trading work?

Doing business with Access Trading is simple. Once you have set-up an account with us, call or email your request to the office and we can discuss your current situation, examine your options and recommend a course of action for all of your outstanding payments that have exposure.

How do I set up an account?

Please start by talking with one of our traders and explain your current situation to them. Then Fill out our Account Application and email it to or fax it to 360-838-0446. Account applications (pending OFAC and SDN verification of Non-Listing, compliance with USA-Patriot ACT, Bank Secrecy Act and Know Your Customer policy and verification of entity) are generally approved within 24 hours.

What do I need to do to open an account?

Fill out our Account Application and email it to or fax it to 360-838-0446. We do the rest! There are many regulatory and compliance issues involved in sending and receiving foreign currency payments. The Department of Financial Institutions, The Internal Revenue Service, The Department of Treasury and The Financial Crimes Enforcement Division (FinCEN) require Access Trading to collect various documents and pieces of information to comply with internal policies and procedures associated with each entity. Several areas of policy stipulate the need for current and accurate information about all of our account holders. We will never distribute your information to third parties and all information is strictly confidential.

Can I receive incoming wires in currencies other than the USD?

Yes. Any foreign denominated deposits may be wired to you from any one of 34 countries dealing in major and minor currencies. Please ask your Trader or consultant for deatails on a case-by-case basis.

Sending Payments

What currencies and countries can initiate contracts for and satisfy payments in?

Through our network of banking relationships and foreign accounts you can eliminate risk or simply send payments to any number of 44 countries and 21 currencies, including:

* AUD - Australia Dollars

* CAD - Canada Dollar

* CHF - Switzerland Francs

* DKK - Danish Kroner

* EUR - Euro ***

* GBP - Pound Sterling

* HKD - Hong Kong Dollars

* ILS - Israeli Shekkel

* INR - Indian Rupee

* JPY - Japan Yen

* MXN - Mexico Pesos

* MYR - Malaysian Ringget

* NOK - Norway Kroner

* NZD - New Zealand Dollars

* SEK - Sweden Kronor

* SGD - Singapore Dollar

* THB - Thailand Bhat

* ZAR - South Africa Ran

*** Euro is the common currency used thoroughout the European Union (EU).

Are there any restrictions on who I deal with or where they are located?

Yes. We are governed by anti-terrorist financing laws and anti-money laundering laws. Sanctions have been imposed upon certain countries that are known to have weak anti-money laundering and/or weak anti-terrorist financing laws, as well as upon specially designated nationals (SDN) within those countries. For more information, please refer to the following websites: FATF · OSFI · US Treasury. Additional due diligence is required for transactions involving the following areas. You may be asked to provide additional information, and normal trade timelines will likely not apply.

* Bosnia

* Croatia

* Cuba

* Herzegovina

* Libya

* Macedonia

* Montenegro

* Serbia

* Syria

* Zimbabwe

We are not permitted under any circumstances to process trades involving the following countries and groups:

* Burma (now Myanmar)

* Iran

* Iraq

* Liberia

* Myanmar (formerly Burma)

* Nigeria

* North Korea

* Sudan

* Taliban (Group)

Important: These lists are provided to us by the banking community and the FATF, and are not the result of any subjective decisions on our part.

Remember, during any transaction, regardless of the countries involved, you may be required to provide additional details regarding the purpose of any transaction, the source of the funds, and the relationship between the sender and the beneficiary.

Can I send drafts?

Yes. We offer drafts (international checks) to over 40 countries in 20+ different currencies. However, there is a processing and handling fee applied to all paper transactions. Please ask your trader or consultant for details.

Do I have to keep money in an account with Access Trading before setting up a transfer?

No. All transactions are either 'Spot' Transactions or a derivitive of a forward contract. 'Spot' trades are settled no later than the end of next business day and forward contracts, swaps and other future deliverables are finalized next day and satisfied three days before maturity date. Access Trading gives you access to customized analysis, research and rates that are only offered to professional traders and banks. Our strict payment policy makes credit risks negligible for you and allows you to take advantage of market rates during the course of the trading day.

Can I send money to my own bank account in another country?

Yes. You simply have to set up your overseas account as a recipient.

Can I receive money from other countries?

Yes. However, we do not post our foreign banking information on the website, but it will be provided to you on your request.

Can I set up recurring transfers?

Yes. We offer a recurring transfer feature based on the evolving needs of you and your beneficiaries.

How long does a typical trade take to process?

Standard delivery time for all outgoing transfers paid by wire transfer is 2 business days.

Standard delivery time for all outgoing transfers paid by EFT is 3-5 business days.

Standard delivery time for all incoming transfers are credited the NEXT business day after funds are verified in our account.

The above processing times above are standard delivery times, but exceptions can and will occur. All international transactions involve the use and communication with foreign banks and final credit to your beneficiary will depend on the efficiency of those banks, banking protocol, time zone differences, bank holidays and country regulations.

Can I set up same day or immediate transfers?

Yes. Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso transfers can be executed on the same day. Most major cross-currencies can be delivered at the start of the next business day.

Fees and Exchange Rates

How much does it cost to send a transfer?

Clients pay a standard fee of $25.00 to send US Dollar payments and $15.00 to send foreign wires. There is a $15.00 fee for all international drafts that are delivered abroad, via Fed-Ex.

Is there a use fee or recurring monthly fee to work with Access Trading?

There are no monthly or recurring fees.

Are there other factors that affect the cost of sending a payment?

No and Yes* - All wire tranfer costs and fees related to sending and receiving money with Access Trading is clearly listed on the confirmation you receive from ATI.

*However, after wire transfers are sent, other organizations involved in the processing of trades (including the Intermediary or Beneficiary bank) may charge fees for their services. These fees+ are outside of our control and are directly related to the relationship of the recipient and their financial institution.

+Fees for incoming wires - If you choose to send funds to us, you will likely be charged a fee by your bank. This charge is outside of our control, and we cannot predict it. If you wish to send funds to us by Wire Transfer, please verify any possible charges with your Wire Transfer provider prior to placing your trade.

(Please note, we never charge a fee to receive money from a client.)

+Fees for outgoing wires - Some banks and foreign financial institutions charge fees to receive and process payments. Usually it is collected by deducting the fee directly from the incoming funds. This charge is outside of our control, and we cannot predict when it will happen, so please contact the beneficiary or beneficiary bank to verify any additional fees that might be charged prior to sending your payment.

#Access Trading does reserve the right to pass on fees, from our partner and correspondent banks, in the following instances:

A.) Fees Due to Client Error - When you provide incorrect information when booking a trade there are costs associated with correcting the error(s). Examples of such situations include:

* Canceling or re-issuing an International Check, due to an invalid payee name, address or reference

* Requesting a stop paymenton on an international draft, for any reason.

* Re-sending funds if the original EFT transfer is returned because you provided an invalid account number, payee name or transit number, or if a bank account is closed.

* Re-sending funds if the original Wire Transfer is returned because you provided an invalid account number or beneficiary name, a bank address and bank code that do not match, a bank account is closed, or if the beneficiary refuses payment.

* If an EFT Bank Account being used to pay for a trade cannot be debited as a result of insufficient funds or funds not cleared from the account.

Fees for Tracing Wires Transfers - If your funds have not arrived within the appropriate timeframe, we can initiate a wire trace. If the trace reveals that the funds were in fact credited as you directed, then a service fee will apply. This fee generally ranges from USD $50 - USD $100, depending on what we are charged by other banks in the course of tracing the Wire in question.

What fees will the receiving banks charge?

Our goal is to include all possible fees inclusive of the rate we quote you. However, in some instances the receiving bank can and has the ability to 'clip' or deduct a portion of the transmitted amount. For details, contact the receiving bank.

What determines the exchange rate?

There are several complex supply and demand issues, combined with government intrusion that can and will affect the rates from one second to the next. Instead of asking what determines the rate, consider what to do if it moves with (or against) your position and plan on taking action on these events to maximize profit.

How often does the rate change?

The interbank exchange rates are constantly moving second by second. Access Trading rates are a mirror image of these rates and they also fluctuate according to buying and selling within the market. Most other banks and money transfer companies offer only a fixed daily rate, adding large spreads to interbank rates to make up for any potential losses due to currency movements.

How can I monitor fluctuating exchange rates?

There are seval resources at the end of our free whitepaper "The Insiders guide to sending payments." ATI also provides many other tools to help you monitor the exchange rates.

Can I "lock-in" an exchange rate for future use, right now?

Yes. You can use seveal different tools to manage your risk when the rate trends against you and capture unrealized gains when the currency moves with you. Find out more about reducing currency risk by talking with your trader or consultant.

What other ways can I hedge my foreign exchange risk?

See the "The Insiders guide to foreign payments" for more information on reducing currency risk.

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